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Companies with assembly field services rely on our industry solution mobile.assemble.

This solution allows field technicians to log or check project progress on site and at any time. Using these mobile devices, thorough assessments can be made at any time based on the most up-to-date data.

Other tools were developed for worktime recording, expense and meal tracking, graphic displays (e.g. project progress display) and online synchronization.

The print option for daily reports, digital customer signatures, sketches directly on your PDA as well as combined with project planning is available.

Due to the efficient control of assembly teams, detailed and top current project overviews, the Back Office is relieved of an enormous workload and the data is seamlessly integrated into existing ERP systems, both of which could mean attractive savings potentials.

Basic features:

• Structuring in project section phases possible
• Scheduling for assembly teams or individual employees
• Graphic display for project progress, individual checklists, expense and meal tracking
• Customer management, employees and supplier data
• Separate tracking of contract workers
• Graphic target/actual comparison
• Synchronization with mobile devices (PDAs, cell phones, Notebooks, etc.)
• Open interface (Import & Export) that integrate easily into your ERP and IT systems

  A new product from FIELDWORX for all energy supply and industrial companies.
s.c.m.® helps you schedule your assembly workers quickly and easily.