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 Hubert Reininger
  Hubert Reininger (managing partner) has made a name for himself in the field of "mobile data acquisition."
After high school, he went on to attend a technical university and graduated with a degree in information technology. With his newly acquired programming knowledge, he spent the first ten years of his career designing programs for specific software solutions for mobile devices. At that time, software for mobile devices was still very expensive and new, yet he was able to develop, together with a team of specialists, a more than presentable software with digital signature recording and transmission via SMS.

Today, Hubert Reininger is managing director of his own company and energetically puts his area of specialization into practice.
 Daniela Schrefl
  After graduating from high school, Daniela Schrefl spent two years working on international EU-funded promotional projects. Afterwards, she and her Indian partners founded a joint company through which she gained her first experiences in international sales and marketing. Later on, her company leveraged these international contacts and her first customer, who wanted a mobile data acquisition system, led her to her current business partner Hubert Reininger.

After establishing their joint company, she began energetically building up their national and international sales and marketing contacts. A two-year study program in sales and marketing now allows her to once again bring better strategies to the table for the company.
  The FIELDWORX team distinguishes itself primarily through each team member's commitment and everyone's passion for NEW technologies. This is what has laid the cornerstones of our innovations.

Employee training begins as early as high school graduation and a technical degree from (university, technical college, vocational college) and qualifications are kept up to date with further training and certification. Our software architects place equal value on design, usability and the performance of the applications.

Each developer naturally has comprehensive knowledge of databank architecture (in MS SQL, Oracle, mySQL, etc.) as well as the use of various programming languages (.NET, Java). At the same time, these are a pre-requisite for successful new innovations and enhancements of FIELDWORX products.

Our Development dept. is made up of several groups each with specialized engineers and technicians for the desktop and Web application fields as well as applications for mobile devices (PDAs, cell phones, etc.). The expert knowledge of our individual employees in their fields and their personal commitments make the team at FIELDWORX an unbeatable project partner.

We would like to thank our colleagues for their years of hard work and loyalty!
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